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New Type of EMT Dealership Opened in Tallinn

Estonian Mobile Telephone has opened a new dealership in Tallinn, one that is based on an updated retailing concept.

Estonian Mobile Telephone has opened a new dealership in Tallinn, one that is based on an updated retailing concept. The new dealership has four customer service areas, two product demonstration tables, a customer self-service area, and an extensive display of mobile phone accessories.  In addition to mobile phones, the demonstration tables feature Apples Macbook laptops, as well as Lotte-themed mobile phones, which are particularly favoured by younger mobile phone enthusiasts.
The updated retailing concept at the dealership won an award for customer services Teeindustegu 2008.  The company offers more than just mobile phones and related services.  It is a versatile multimedia centre where customers are encouraged to try these things out right at the demonstration tables, where operational phones allow people to test EMT services and learn about new applications.
Another innovation is a display which has been arranged in accordance with customer needs and usage of phones, the idea being to make it far easier to find the right phone.  Known as Simple and Convenient, this section of the dealership is meant for those people who primarily use their phones for calls and messaging.  Another display features smart phones, which can be used for E-mail and work.  The third section of the dealership is aimed at young and trendy people who are interested in listening to music, taking photographs, or just owning a stylish telephone.  Three of the best phones in each showcase are operational so that potential users can test them before making a choice.
Electronic price tags are used for all of the phones, which makes it a snap to see the price and features of each one.  There are two computer monitors in the customer service area.  One is used by customers to see information related to the products or services which they are buying.

Source:  EMT

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