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A Hot Autumn for IT Activities in Lithuania
No. 03, 1999
The autumn of this year promises to be rich in events for the IT world in Lithuania. As usual, the activities of all IT-related companies will be gearing up in September, but there will also be three major events - the "Days of the Lithuanian Computerman" meeting in Birtonas, the "Information Society '99" conference in Vilnius, and the "Infobalt" international trade fair, also in Vilnius.
An Important Anniversary for the University of Latvia
No. 04, 1999
The Mathematics and Informatics Institute of the University of Latvia was established 40 years ago. In this article, we will take a look at the most important aspects of the institute's history, its current situation and its future prospects.
IBM's project to build a factory in Latvia more likely dead than alive
No. 04, 1999
A while back several Latvian newspapers reported that IBM was planning to build a computer assembly plant in Latvia. The Latvian Development Agency claimed that negotiations with IBM on the issue were proceeding successfully, but IBM denies any such talk and says that there has been no thought given to any concrete projects.
LMT offers WAP in Latvia
No. 01, 2000
LMT offers WAP in Latvia
System security regulations approved in Latvia
No. 01, 2000
System security regulations approved in Latvia
The Telepki Alliance: providing 21st century services
No. 01, 2000
The Telepki Alliance: providing 21st century services
Echoes from the Products & Trendshow 2000 exhibition
No. 01, 2000
A Conference on IT Skills and Vocational Certification
No. 01, 2000
No. 01, 2000
Computer Associates organized its conference and exhibition, "CA-WORLD 2000" in the American city of New Orleans from April 9-14. More than 25,000 people from six continents were in attendance, and the event can be summarized as a major educational event for enterprise computing specialists, covering all aspects of software related to the field of E-business.
An International Exhibition of Information and Communications Technologies of the Future CeBIT 2000
No. 01, 2000
Companies from the Baltic States were in firm evidence among the panoply of participants at this year's version of the world's leading information technologies exhibition, "CeBIT 2000".


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