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Keynote speech by H. E. Dr. Vaira Ve-Freiberga, President of Latvia, at the Conference ICT for an Inclusive Society, Riga, Latvia, 12 June 2006 [1]
No. 02, 2006
Security Conference Held in Lithuania
No. 04, 2005
The first pan-European network and information security conference Readiness to Handle Network and Information Security Incidents was held in Vilnius in November, 2005. The conference was organised by the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority, the European Network and Information Security Agency, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This was the first major event in Lithuania to be dedicated entirely to network and information security issues. More than 150 delegates from all over Europe took part in the conference, representing the public, private and civil sectors.
LIKTA Conference Discusses Potential of ICT and Development of the Information Society
No. 04, 2005
On November 25, 2005, nearly 200 professionals and supporters of the ICT sector gathered for a conference organised by the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) The Potential of ICT and the Development of the Information Society. Participants analysed the investments that have been and will be made in Latvia to overcome problems such as the digital gap and social alienation. This can be achieved by improving the ICT infrastructure, by introducing important E-services, and by helping people to learn computer skills. Given the role of ICT in economic growth, delegates also talked about ways of ensuring growth in the sector, focusing in particular on issues such as the demand for specialists, ways in which specialists can be involved, the qualifications of people in the industry, education and gender equality.
Time to Shape a Positive Image of E-Latvia
No. 01, 2005
The international Baltic IT&T 2005 forum, "eBaltics", starts on April 6, 2005, in Riga, under the slogan "Building Effective Partnership Networks." The forum has become a central event for the IT&T world in the Baltic Sea region, Central Europe and Eastern Europe.
The Baltic States in the Centre of Attention at IST 2004 at the Hague
No. 04, 2004
Of all of the new EU member states, the Baltic States, and particularly Latvia, were most visible during the IST 2004 event which took place at the Hague in the Netherlands toward the end of 2004.
Estonian IT&T Companies and IT Users Must Work Together to Succeed
No. 03, 2004
In mid-September, some 400 influential users and information providers in the world of information technology and telecommunications services came together in the small Estonian town of Prnu for a forum that was called From Vision to Solutions. Coming from all over the world, participants looked at how service providers can work together with their customers so as to enter new markets outside of Estonia.
Representatives of 24 Countries Gather at the Baltic IT&T 2004: eBaltics Forum
No. 02, 2004
The International Baltic IT&T 2004: eBaltics forum took place in Riga from April 2124 of this year. It was organised by the Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association (LITTA) in co-operation with the Information Technology Committee of the Baltic Council of Ministers, the Latvian Information Society Bureau and Data Media Group. The honorary chairman for the event was the deputy prime minister and transport minister of Latvia, Ainrs lesers. The motto for the forum was Building Effective Partnership Networks.
Building Effective Partnership Networks
No. 02, 2004
Welcoming address by Mr. Ainars Slesers, Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia, Honorary Chairman of the Baltic IT&T 2004 Forum: eBaltics. Riga, April 22, 2004
Innovation: The Central Theme of the Estonian ICT Fair
No. 02, 2004
The ICT-specific Contact 2004 information fair was held in Tallinn on April 7 and 8, 2004, and it brought together more than 900 technology specialists and enthusiasts. Innovation and efficiency were the main themes of the fair.
Cultivating Entrepreneurship in the New Europe
No. 02, 2004
Just like PartnerShip and Customer RelationShip EntrepreneurShip is one of the 3 vital elements in the business development agenda for Small and Medium sized enterprises. As SME's still constitute the overwhelming majority of all companies both in Europe and USA, they are the driving force in the knowledge-based economy with positive innovative thoughts, creating initiatives and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions to mission critical business problems. In today's technology focused world they need to look international to secure a continuing presence and to continue to push for new market opportunities especially in the new Europe.
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