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Positive Growth in the IT Wholesale Market in 1998
No. 01, 1999
Looking back at the information technologies market in Latvia in 1998, the editors of Datoru Avze met with representatives of the company Computer 2000 Latvia (C2000) executive director Jnis emers and Products Division manager Andris Drebeiniks. C2000, like CHS Rga, Elko-Rga, InstruData and Soft-Tronik, is one of the largest distributors of IT products in Latvia.
Lithuanian IT Companies: Future Developments
No. 01, 1999
Are Lithuanian IT Firms Interesting for International Investors? The author seeks answers to this question, as well as others about the Lithuanian IT market, in this article.
Becoming Global in the Information Age
No. 01, 1999
So you work for a multi-location company with offices that are spread all over the country, as well as a couple of branches that you've set up overseas. The Information Age is becoming a reality for you, because members of your organization are relying more and more on information systems. There's an evident need to connect all of your offices into a common Intranet, but you're worried about the cost and about security issues.
The Ecology of a Computerized Workplace in Lithuania
No. 01, 1999
When you work with a computer, it's important to keep in mind the effect of the machine on human health. This article reviews what is known about this in Lithuania the standards that are used and the organizations that are active in this field.
A Vision of the Future IT&T Sector in Latvia and the Baltic States Regarding the Design and Maintenance of Information Systems
No. 02, 1999
A rough estimate shows that the Baltic States have great potential to become a major center for software development and maintenance, with an ability to employ as many as 120,000 IT engineers and to export software and maintenance services worth up to USD 12 billion per year. The very unique situation in the Baltic region, as well as the requirements for building such a major export-oriented branch and possible obstacles in this process, are analyzed and described in this presentation.
The Use of Information Technologies and Development Prospects in Latvia: Research Results
No. 02, 1999
Latvia's national "Informatics" program (Transportation Ministry, 1998) notes that the use of information and telecommunications services in various sectors in Europe (and especially in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe) is lagging considerably behind potential levels at this time. Despite the introduction of these services in the financial, business and professional sectors (also at insufficient levels at this time), use of the services in the private and household lives of residents remains negligible. The program also noted that statistical institutions are not conducting systematic market research about this issue, and so there is a lack of true data about the market situation when it comes to information and telecommunications services in Latvia.
Impact of the Internet on the Telecoms Market
No. 02, 1999
As much as, and perhaps more than in any other industry, the Internet has had a very powerful impact on market strategies and business directions in the telecoms marketplace. An increasing demand for access and trading via the Internet has pushed telecoms operators and ISPs alike to offer value added services in order to retain and, especially, to attract a new share of this growing emporium. Electronic commerce, electronic payment (Secure Electronic Transactions), certification and Voice Over IP - all of these are examples of such value added services.
Information Technologies in Latvian Companies and State Organizations at the Beginning of 1999
No. 03, 1999
In late 1998 and early 1999, research was conducted at the request of the Transportation Ministry of the Republic of Latvia on the use of information technologies in Latvia's companies and state organizations. This article presents the main results of that research project.
The Internet in Lithuania: Progress or Depression?
No. 03, 1999
Despite the fact that the growth in Internet use in Eastern Europe has been very significant, and percentages are higher than in the Western world, the overall situation remains fairly unclear at some times. While the number of subscribers and users is increasing constantly, the quality of information on the Internet is not improving as quickly. What's more, the Internet in the Baltic States is still a "narrowcasting" medium, because only in Estonia is the share of Internet users reaching 10% of the population. In Latvia and Lithuania the figure remains much lower. This is one of the main reasons why the Internet is suffering a lack of good and informative sites in the Baltic languages.
Information and Control Systems in Manufacturing
No. 03, 1999
Information and communications technologies (ICT) are in constant development. The related areas of research are also changing, and the boundaries of ICT-related subjects are shifting. Several years ago issues concerning information and control systems in manufacturing were explored and developed through the Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and Real Time Systems (RTS) disciplines, with emphasis on real-time, flexible automated manufacturing, along with strategies on enterprise management, finances, accounting, planning and manufacturing control. In this article the authors look at how thinking in these research areas has changed.


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